PVC courtains

General informations:


Trade names:

PVC strip curtains
Hall partitions, PVC foil curtains
Hall curtains, slats, strip partitions,


colorless or colored:
white, red and green


Strips and rolls containing the strip partitions are pressed of soft PVC. Curtains are applicable, where there is a need to separate two premises from each other and at the same time enable free flow of people, animals, forklifts or vehicles. PVC partitions are easy to assemble. There are two types of partitions – for standard applications and as cold storage courtains of higher resistance to low temperatures.

Properties of soft PVC:

UV resistant (important for outdoor gates);
high flexibility;
high mechanical strength;
noise reduction (down to 20 dB);
hot or cold insulation
temperature range from -40°C to +60°C (special types to cold storages);
self-extinguishing material (non-flammable);
soft PVC used in partitions with rounded edges;
has all necessary certificates required in the food industry.

Exemplary applications of strip curtains:

cold storages,
food processing plants,
partitions in entry gates,
partitions in unloading gates,
welding partitions,
transport locks.