About us

We have been involved in manufacturing and application of sealing and thermal insulating materials for more than 30 years.

Linoszczel Sp. z o.o. combines tradition and modernity in reasonable way. Our scientific and research activity resulted in development of new and innovative technologies.

Our comprehensive offer includes among others rubber and silicone profiles, technical sealing products, thermal insulation products, construction materials and conveyor belts.

Our products are used in such areas as:

  • municipal economy
  • food industry
  • motor industry
  • chemical industry
  • power industry
  • steel works
  • mines
  • shipyards
  • and many other industrial and economic sectors

Payment terms and conditions are agreed with customers on individual basis. Our offer includes also goods supply. We are a solid and reliable partner, meeting the contractual obligations. We guarantee high quality products and complex service to all our customers.