POM Polyacetal

Product information





Poliacetal, Polioksymetylen,
Paraform, Poli(tlenek metylenu), Paraformaldehyd, Poliformaldehyd

Trade names:

Ertacetal®, Tarnoform®, Delrin®, Boracetal, Hostaform®, Ultraform®, Acetal, Duracon®, Celcon®


natural (white), black


sheets, rods (rolls), sleeves (pipes)


Polyacetal -[-O-CH2-]n- is obtained in the aldehyde polymerization process. Two main forms are copolymer and homopolymer.


chemical resistance (hot water, diluted acids),
high mechanical strength,
high rigidity and hardness,
UV resistance
high creep resistance,
high elasticity,
high impact strength (also in low temperatures)
high dimension stability,
good electro-insulation properties,
resistance to fatigue and abrasion (lower than PA or PE)
low water absorption,
good sliding properties,
good machineability,
physiologically neutral (approved for contact with food).

Exemplary applications:

tooth bars
valve seats
bearings and tooth gears

Polyacetal types:

Basic types:
POM C copolimer (Ertacetal® C, Boracetal C)
POM H homopolymer (Ertacetal® H)

Special types:
POM GF30 – polyacetal with fiberglass (Boracetal GF30),
POM C + PTFE – polyacetal with teflon (Boracetal TF),
POM C + PE – polyacetal with polyethylene (Boracetal G),
POM C AS – antistatic polyacetal,
POM C LF – conductive polyacetal (Boracetal LF),
POM H + PTFE – poliacetal with teflon (Ertacetal® H-TF).